QSSB Program

Akcel Construction was founded on the core values of Quality, Safety, Speed and Budget (QSSB). We believe that by combining the best systems and practices with new and better approaches to construction management, we can deliver exceptional results to our clients on every project.

Embracing technological advances in the construction industry allows us to eliminate many of the foreseeable inefficiencies that currently plague traditionally managed construction projects. Our internally developed software applications have been implemented across the company and seamlessly control almost all aspects of our operations. Our mission of delivering Quality, Safety, Speed and Budget on every project is a reality.


Managing the quality control process across multiple projects has traditionally been an area of struggle for many construction companies. To eliminate many of the errors and oversights that occur during this process, Akcel has developed proprietary mobile applications that combine our comprehensive quality control checklists with the latest project management software. Our highly experienced supervisors are given tablet devices that allow them to carefully track the progress of each project, expedite coordination amongst the multiple trades and eliminates the possibility of punch list items being left incomplete.


Everything we do is based on the premise that construction incidents are not inevitable and can be prevented. Our construction managers are tasked with the important job of ensuring that all of our employees, subcontractors and vendors make it safely home at the end of every business day. We institute weekly tool box talks, daily inspections and ongoing education of all people involved in the construction process.


Akcel''s experience in schedule optimization and automation of critical parts of the scheduling process enables us to avoid foreseeable delays and deliver projects on time. The interactive progress sheets that we have developed are powerful tools that minimize gaps between trades working on projects and maximizes the opportunity to exceed expectations. We continue with that promise of delivering speed to our clients through all aspects of our operations, from the time our estimating department receives a plan until the final piece of work has been completed on site.


Akcel is committed to delivering the highest quality structures at the most competitive budget for our clients. As a value-added partner, Akcel is able to achieve this through a combination of our proprietary take-off programs that ensure accurate material and labor costs, streamlined in-house operations and a proactive purchasing department. Years of experience allows our team to quickly review plans and make recommendations that can save our clients time and money.